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Gas Safety Certificate Scotland

Every gas appliance needs a Gas Safety Certificate

Everyone should have a Gas Safe registered engineer inspect their gas appliances regularly. After performing the checks, the engineer may issue a certificate. The title of this document is “Gas Safety Certificate or Record.”

In the UK, you must have a current gas safety certificate if you rent out your house. The Gas Safety (Installation and Use) Regulations of 1998, to which we’re referring, mandates that landlords have yearly safety inspections done on all gas appliances, connections, and flues in their buildings.

Who needs a gas safety certificate?


You are not legally required to have a gas certificate if you own the property where you live. There is no formal certificate for gas safety for homeowners. However, to ensure that all gas appliances and pipelines in your property operate safely and effectively, we would advise having annual inspections.

You’ll feel secure knowing that your family is protected and that your appliances aren’t costing you more than they should.

You can always request paperwork for your records from the Gas Safe registered engineer who inspects your appliances or does corrective work. If you decide to sell your home in the future, this could be helpful.


Landlords must ensure their properties are secure so that renters can live there. To demonstrate that the gas appliances, flues, and associated pipework in your property have been examined and found safe, you must obtain an LGSR (Landlord Gas Safety Record) certificate.

To keep your gas safety record current, you must arrange for a Gas Safe Registered Engineer to inspect your appliances at least once every 12 months.

How to easily protect your property and tenants

With our services, a Gas Safe certified engineer will visit your rental property once a year to service the appliances. It keeps you legal and maintains the efficiency of your appliances. Even so, it might contribute to longer service life.

Your tenants will receive a copy of the Gas Safety Certificate from us, letting them know everything is secure and ready for use. We’ll also take care of any urgent repairs that come up.

When should I arrange a gas safety check?

Every year, you must have your rental property’s gas installations inspected. Ideally, this will happen between the tenth and twelfth months after the check from the prior year.

Your next check should still be performed 12 months after the current one, regardless of whether you complete the check earlier or later than this 10- to 12-month interval.

How do I get a gas safety certificate?

By scheduling a meeting with a Gas Safe registered engineer, you can obtain a gas safety certificate, also known as a Gas Safety Record form.

All of your gas appliances and accessible pipes will be visually inspected to ensure they are in excellent working order. The pipework will also be tested for gas leaks.

What is the cost of a gas safety certificate?

A gas safety certificate does not have a fixed cost because it is determined by the Gas Safe engineer you select. Gas Safe Register does not regulate certificate pricing. Thus, it is best to obtain many estimates to compare.

Depending on the number of gas appliances that need checking, prices might range from £35 to more than £150.

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Our thorough Landlord cover will help you save time and money. We come standard with an LGSR certificate and annual gas safety assessments. Unlimited call-outs and claims are other perks.

The Gas Safe Register certifies that every one of our gas engineers is qualified and registered, ensuring the quality of our services. Our staff is fully qualified to conduct the required inspections, ensuring safety and compliance with the Gas Safety Regulations at your home. We promise checks that are 100% trustworthy, keeping you protected and assisting you in avoiding costly fines.

All our engineers are registered with Gas Safe and qualified to perform your Gas Safety Certificate.